Our company

Just-in-time Delivery
In order to minimise warehousing costs for our customers, we offer on-time delivery.

Customer-Specific Warehousing

In order to shorten the delivery times of our manufacturers, we can set up a customer-specific warehouse. Through master agreements we offer the possibility of stocking warehouses, whose quantities can then be decided individually.

Design In

In collaboration with our customers, we develop specific solutions and guide the project right up to a state of readiness for series production.


You wish to have the goods delivered directly to the point in your manufacturing unit where they are required? Not a problem for us. Please eliminate unnecessary warehouse items!

A customer-specific warehouse is set up according to the relevant delivery agreements. We are able to deliver components and quantities agreed upon as per requirement and without loss of time through regular sales forecasts of our customers.

Consigment Warehouse

We will gladly set up a consignment warehouse upon request.

Close Collaboration with our Manufacturers

Through a close collaboration with our manufacturers, we are always at the cutting-edge of technology and flexible when it comes to satisfying our customers' requirements.