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Flexield for RFID
TDK Flexield for RFID

Flexield is a soft sheet that is created by depositing a magnetic powder on a polymeric resin base layer. Both flexible and shock- resistant, it is a highly effective noise suppressant when attached to RFID tags and stickers as well as other RFID devices operating at the 13.56 MHz frequency.
Because Flexield sheets are manufactured from a polymeric resin, they can be precisely cut and shaped to the requirements of individual customers’ applications. This is particularly important in the emerging classes of RFID tags such as stickers attached to the metal casing of mobile phones. Such ultra-thin miniature devices cannot use standard shield form factors, and require the production of customized sheet shapes.
Flexield is available in thicknesses as low as 0.05 mm. The IFL12 type offers high magnetic permeability (125 μ’ typical at 13.56 MHz and μ’’ of 50). The IFL04 type offers a typical low loss value of 1.3 μ’’ and a permeability of 45 μ’.
The high magnetic permeability of Flexield sheets shields RFID emitters from adjacent metal surfaces, which would otherwise generate reverse magnetic radiation and cancel out the device’s RFID signals. In this case the signal attenuation reduces the effective range and can lead to the abrupt loss of communication between tag and reader.


  • Available as polymetric magnetic sheets in a variety of thicknesses, and also as flexible ferrite plates.
  • Can be cut to precisely fit the shape of an RFID antenna or tag.
  • High magnetic permeability and low loss values.